You will have received a leaflet with the 2013-14 rent-charge demand in which the Board advised that we will be holding an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) in April 2014. I can confirm that an EGM will be held on April 28, 2014. You will shortly receive a notice from an independent elections service provider which allows you to vote for the current Board to remain in position to serve in accordance with the Objects of our governing documents.

Extraordinary General Meeting  28 April 2014

31 March 2014

Dear Trust Members,

Meanwhile, against the advice of the Board, a group of former Trustees through aggressive and hostile means held an improperly constituted EGM on 26 March, 2014 at Oasis Centre, Innova Park at 8pm.  One of the Board’s legal advisors attended that EGM and explained it was not held in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of the Trust.  Accordingly, I declared the meeting closed and the Board vacated the meeting along with a large number of members. Subsequently, and in accordance with the Articles, no further official business of the Trust could be transacted.


A small group of former Trustees nevertheless pressed ahead with the meeting, even though it was not properly constituted, and held a vote based on a highly prejudiced PowerPoint presentation.  This vote could not be and is not valid according to the Trust’s governing documents because only a small proportion of Members eligible to vote were given notice of the existence of this meeting.


These former Trustees are now trying to use this vote as propaganda to persuade you that they are now in charge; however, be assured that they know very well that their vote was not properly constituted. This is a tactic they have successfully used in the past (April 2012) to bring back Amber Management to administer misspending of the Trust’s funds.


To put this into context the newly appointed Independent Examiner of the Trust’s accounts has confirmed that there are the following material irregularities in the year ending 2011/12 accounts signed off by Vincent Green and Karen Wilkie. They are two of the people canvassing so hard to remove us. The Independent Examiner instructed Vincent Green and Karen Wilkie and the other former Trustees, via the current Board, to answer questions related to these irregularities by Thursday 27th March, 2014. Interestingly, the improperly constituted EGM was held exactly one day before the answers were due and funnily enough, the resolutions were to remove the current Board members who discovered the irregularities. The following are the material irregularities referred to in the accounts signed off by Vincent Green and Karen Wilkie. The money referred to in the accounts is predominantly funded by the rent-charge you pay as residents:

Unexplained and unaccounted expenditure amounting to £133,000 in the 2011/12 accounts signed off by Vincent Green and  Karen Wilkie



a. Entry not shown in Income & Expenditure account

         Unexplained entry Trust’s Projects                           £6,672

b. Entry not shown in Income & Expenditure account

         APA Legal case                                         £74,748

c. Entry not shown in Income & Expenditure account

         Covenants Legal Case                                  £21,758

d. Unexplained entry and entry not shown in Income & Expenditure account

         Rent Charge & Gift Aid Legal Fees                           £2,820

e. Entry not shown in Income & Expenditure account and not declared for tax purposes

         Interest Received                                                      (£4,442)

f.       Entry not shown in balance sheet. Transfer to historic debtors B/F   £307

g. Unexplained entry not shown in Income & Expenditure account and incorrectly shown as a deduction to reserves

         Amounts due from developer                                                             £20,795

h. Unexplained entry, no invoices and not shown in Income & Expenditure

         Account Trust Expenses                                  £5,681

i.       Entry not shown in Income & Expenditure account and no tax paid  

         Surplus on income on Investment Properties for the year (£2,462)



Unexplained and unaccounted income and expenditure amounting to £12,077 in the 2012/13 accounts for which the former Board of Trustees were responsible. These Trustees included Vincent Green, Karen Wilkie and Richard Palczynski (Chair).


The following is an excerpt from the Independent Examiner’s communication on the accounts for 2012/13 which was the duty of the former Board of Trustees to submit as they were incontrovertibly responsible for the accounts during their tenure:


“There have been changes made to the reported resident’s balances as at 31 March, 2012 after the accounts have been filed. The opening balance had been amended on several occasions, evidenced by the members statements sent by Amber and compared to their "debit and credit balances report. As a result the figures are unreliable and cannot be used for this year account. Vladimir [Ioannou] has produced an up to date report and reconciled all the debtors and as a result he has discovered a discrepancy of around £12,077 which will be left in the account to be investigated further”.


In simple terms, the current Board has discovered tampering with the previous year’s balance which the former Trustees were incontrovertibly responsible for.  This is a strong indication of possible impropriety.


Vladimir Ioannou intervened and forced the resignation of these former Trustees. He rebuilt the accounting records from scratch and thereby safeguarded a repetition of the past. These same Trustees, Vincent Green, Karen Wilkie and their associates are now trying to force themselves back in through whatever means possible and to bring back Amber Management.


The above is just the tip of the iceberg. The reason for the defamation campaign is that we have been and planned to raise the following serious concerns about Amber and the former Trustees:


1. More unexplained and unaccounted expenditure

2. Unsupervised and uncontrolled management of the Community Centre by Karen Wilkie

3. Exorbitant and unnecessary spending of resident’s money

4. Testimony from previous caring and responsible Trustees that there has been a reign of terror, witnessed now by ourselves

5. Trustees bullied, intimated and harassed into resigning

6. EGMs called by the same group of Trustees as now every time a caring and responsible Trustee is blowing the whistle

7. Aggression at any meeting and not allowing caring and responsible Trustees to talk and get through an agenda

8. Petitions for EGMs signed on false pretences

9. EGM requisitions made by these rogue ex-Trustees are bankrolled by a mystery benefactor

10. After each EGM, bankrolled by a mystery benefactor, Amber Management benefits the most – around £1.5 Million of resident’s money is generated annually. Amber has managed to force themselves back in for 10 years, yet their company is worth only £40,000.

11. Richard Palczynski, a former Trustee and close Associate of Amber Management signed a perpetual contract with Amber, drafted by Amber’s own solicitors, that prevents the contract from ever being broken without paying Amber 3 years fees. On current payment terms this equates to £221,000! Yet Vincent Green thinks that this is ok in his buffoon of a letter! Why would he support this contract and Amber? Thank God that Vladimir managed to pin Amber for breach of contract otherwise they would be here forever and continue to spend the Trust’s money with impunity!

12. Slander and defamation of caring and responsible Trustees to remove them to stop them from revealing the shady on goings.

13. Brainwashing people into thinking the good guys are the bad guys!

14. Past and present improperly constituted EGM voting along with suspected vote rigging




The current Trustees have no intention of giving back control to these rogue elements without at least informing all of you and letting all of you decide. We are safeguarding the Trust’s funds and charitable status by implementing robust internal control systems and by reporting these rogue elements to the appropriate authorities in due course.


Now that we have seen off this improperly constituted EGM on 26th March 2014, we will focus on putting in measures to stop these people from ever taking control again but we will always need your help to do this.


You will shortly receive an EGM Notice to be held on 28th April, 2014. We encourage you not to be duped into believing these unsavoury characters who have administered over the misspending of funds for years and will continue to do so if voted in without first looking at all the facts.

We are in the process of building a dedicated page on the www.eiv.org.uk which will have continual updates on the work we are doing and updates on our battle with the rogue element.


Please consider very carefully before you vote for anyone other than the current Board of Trustees. No doubt the rogue element will canvass to persuade you otherwise, including knocking on your doors and stopping you on the street. Please look at the facts before first deciding, facts which are contained in this letter and which we will be regularly releasing during the course of the next month. We also strongly encourage you to attend the EGM on 28th April, 2014 so we can tell you really what’s been going on, facts which I’m sure you’ve suspected for years, but haven’t had the ability until now to effect. We will effect.



We are volunteers and can only do this with your support.


Yours sincerely and faithfully







Abhay Shah (Chair)

Enfield Island Village Trust

RE: EIV Trust EGM Update 28 April 2014