EIV Trust EGM 28 April 2014 RESULTS

Explanatory note regarding votes invalidated by Electoral Reform Services. The EIVT Board is not privileged to the invalidated vote information.

MEMORANDUM AND ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION OF ENFIELD ISLAND VILLAGE TRUST, Section 20.1 states Every member including the chairman of the meeting (if he is a member) has one vote at general meetings, save that no member shall be entitled to vote at any general meeting unless all moneys presently payable by him to the Charity under the terms of the transfer or lease under which he holds his Property (or any of his Properties) have been paid.


29 April 2014

The report of voting for the ENFIELD ISLAND VILLAGE TRUST EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING 28 APRIL 2014 is available for download below. An average of almost 67% of Members voted against the resolutions to remove Trustees Vladimir Ioannou, Iveta Nemcova, Carmen Wallace, Daniel Campos, Trevor Gibson and Abhay Shah. We thank you for taking the time and effort for showing your support for us by giving us an overwhelming vote of confidence.