On 9 September 2015 Paul Ridout and Con Alexander, of Veale Wasbrough Vizards LLP, have been appointed by the Charity Commission as joint interim managers to take over the management and control of the Enfield Island Village Trust and investigate the following:


1. Alleged mismanagement of the Trust by the trustees


This because the current trustees:

            (a) reduced expenditure from £450,000 in the previous year to £250,000 p.a.

            (b) made the village cleaner

            (c) kept proper accounts for the first time in the Trust's history

            (d) stopped pilfering and more


  2. Report on current litigation.


The Trust was engaged in 3 separate court actions.

            (a) Litigation issued by the previous managing agent claiming £242,000 on an erroneous clause signed by the previous trustees without taking proper legal advice

            (b) A recovery action against the previous community centre manager for £32,000 improperly obtained

            (c) To stop the same group making false allegations of mismanagement from slandering and harassing the current trustees who worked tirelessly for no gain.


3. Validity of the last elections


This is because for the current trustees for the last two elections and for the first time in the Trust's history they employed Electoral Reform Services (ERS) an independent election provider to hold and supervise the elections to ensure no one tampered with the voting.


The appointment of the IM was supposed to be for 6 week at a cost to the Trust of £42,000.  It is now 18 weeks later and there is no sign of an end to this fiasco.

How much is this going to cost us?


Once they have looked into the Charity Commission’s concerns they will report to the regulator and made recommendations for the way forward.

The interim managers claims that they have already received some information from interested parties in relation to the charity and they expect to receive more in the near future.


Considering the information they claim to have received could mainly be hearsay as they are in breach of our contract giving us the right to exercising a lien an all records it beggars belief that they have any information of substance.




Appointment of Interim Manager